Formwork Panels / Plywood

The right plywood for every requirement

A worldwide purchase and a steadily growing product spectrum makes it possible to manufacture the PERI plywood sheets in various sizes, thicknesses and grades, which means the most suitable formlining is readily available for any job.

In addition to lots of filmfaced plywood we also distribute raw panels and material for the packaging industry. Furthermore it is possible to deliver special sizes or cutted panels on request.

Fin-Ply and Rus-Ply The plywood for flat concrete finish
Fin-Ply Maxi The proven fair-faced concrete plywood for high-quality concrete surfaces free of joints
PERI Birch High-grade coated plywood for use in practically any application
PERI Beto Combination mirror plywood for a smooth fair-faced concrete surface
PERI Spruce A reasonably priced filmfaced plywood for slab formwork.
Light panel with high technical load capability.
Brazilian filmfaced plywood Filmfaced plywood
Chilean filmfaced plywood Filmfaced pine plywood with premium coating
Chinese filmfaced plywood Most favourable filmfaced plywood
Wiremesh / Film plywood Filmfaced Birch plywood with one side wiremesh (non-skid)
FinNa-Ply Crude and shuttering plywood for normal requirements
Elliottis Pine Raw-plywood for packaging and cuttings
3-S plywood Large sheets of plywood with yellow melamine resin coating for fair faced concrete
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