PERI Ltd. UK, Projects - G1, George Square, Glasgow PERI Ltd. UK, Projects - G1, George Square, Glasgow PERI Ltd. UK, Projects - G1, George Square, Glasgow

G1, George Square, Glasgow

Climbing Formwork aids in re-generation of former Post Office building

Vacant for a decade and verging on dereliction, the former Post Office building in the heart of the city was granted planning permission in 2006 for re-development into a state of the art office space. The £32 million project undertaken by principle contractors McLaughlin & Harvey will provide 127,000 sq ft of flexible accommodation across 8 floors, a 2,000 sq ft executive suite of the 9th floor and roof terraces providing unique views over George Square and the surrounding area. Dunne Building and Civil Engineering were given the responsibility of the sub-contractor where their technical works on the project included perimeter pile cutting, bulk excavation, installation of two tower cranes, retaining walls and the construction of a 45 m high RC lift core. For the later two, Dunne Group chose PERI’s expertise in formwork systems to construct the retaining walls and core.

PERI’s TRIO and DOMINO panel formwork with SB frames were used for the retaining wall, allowing single sided application of the formwork. For the 45 m high core, climbing formwork was used compromising of TRIO and CB Climbing platforms, allowing the entire storey to be poured in one step, ensuring the operation is safe and speeding up the process by minimising crane lifts.

PERI Systems In Use
  • DOMINO Panel Wall Formwork
  • CB Climbing System
  • TRIO
  • SB Brace Frame

  • Iain Lawrence

    Project Manager

    "We have found the PERI jumping shutter system to be extremely effective and straightforward to use. With good weather conditions, we were able to achieve a week turn around per lift, which was beneficial to programme on a core of this size. Design changes and step-ins were easily accommodated with the FB platform, and the PERI design team was excellent in accommodating various cast-in steelwork items into the design of the CB platform anchors.”

    Contractor: Dunne Building & Civil Engineering Ltd.
    Field Service: PERI Ltd., United Kingdom
    PERI scope 1 | 2009