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M4 Widening Improvement, Cardiff

VARIOKIT exceeds projected targets for M4 bridge widening

In February 2005 the Welsh Assembly awarded Carillion the £71 million design and construct contract on the M4 widening scheme. The section between Castleton and Coryton was opened in 1980 as a dual 2 lane motorway. However because of substantial increases in traffic flows since opening, this section experiences congestion, particularly during peak times, with heavy goods vehicles often occupying both lanes frustrating other travellers. There was therefore a need to widen the existing duel 2 lane motorway into duel 3 lane motorway.

The first of four principal phases of constructing the widening commenced in May, 2007. It will take about 7 months to complete the north side widening between Coryton and Cardiff Gate. The second phase, programmed from early 2008, will be on the south side between Cardiff Gate and Coryton. The other two phases will be Cardiff Gate to Castleton (north side) and Castleton to Cardiff Gate (south side). The whole widening project is programmed to be complete by December 2009, and the additional capacity provided over this section would meet predicted traffic growth for at least the next 15 years and is part of the Assembly’s programme to improve transportation in south-east Wales.

Carillion appointed Thames Valley Construction & Civil Engineering Ltd. as a sub contractor for the bridge work on the 13.5 km (eight mile) stretch of motorway. Having teamed up with Thames Valley and Carillion previously, PERI we given the contract to provide a solution for the Rhymney Railway Bridge. Due to the increase in number of lanes, widening work was required to the existing parapets. PERI’s VARIOKIT formwork for bridge construction was the perfect solution. As a cantilevered parapet carriage for bridges, VARIOKIT fulfi ls the requirements for an on-site set of formwork. With less deformations under load and variable spacings between the individual sections the result is a perfect concrete surface every time. Apart from a brief closure to the railway line below for installation, the rail tracks were kept free as vehicle clearance along with being a decisive factor in developing the solution.

Declan Fitzgerald

Site Supervisor

Assembly of the VARIOKIT was easily managed by a team of just 4 men, the installation was a simple process and took only 3 nights. Once installed, the system has been easily adjusted to suit requirements on site. By using PERI’s VARIOKIT we have been able to come in ahead of our projected target.

Contractor: Thames Valley Construction & Civil Engineering Ltd.
Field Service: PERI Ltd., United Kingdom
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