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HQ2 Building, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom

Jumpforming at Canary Wharf with
PERI''s ACS Automatic Climbing System

The developing skyline at Canary Wharf, London, bears testimony to much of what is best about contemporary British civil engineering. High rise buildings dominate but, simultaneously, add an exciting new visual and structural dimension. Canary Wharf has become synonymous with the very best that internationally proven formwork systems have to offer.

Specialist concrete frame subcontractor Byrne Bros. (Formwork) Ltd, the first to use the PERI ACS system in the UK, were appointed by Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd to undertake the construction of the rectangular core for the 32 storey HQ2 office building block.

The robust design of the system and its unique ease of adaptation to suit the project, together with their good experience with the system on previous projects, convinced Byrne Bros to specify ACS once again in preference to other available jumpforming systems.

PERI Systems In Use
  • ACS R Self Climbing System
  • ACS P Self Climbing System
  • Jumpforming enabled work platforms to be suspended three levels below the main core working platform, allowing lift lobby slabs to be constructed concurrently two floors below the main core walls. This unique innovative technology meant that the slab formwork could be struck as tables and moved onto the lower platforms, to be lifted simultaneously with the core walls.
    Up to six months before the formwork contract was placed the importance of the ‘team principle’ was being highlighted and tested through a series of planning and design meetings. This involved engineers from Byrne Bros and PERI’s Project Management Team.
    In total, 1850m² of VARIO girder wall formwork was used for the core walls, supported by 24 ACS platforms.
    HQ2 is an excellent example of jumpforming best practice. It successfully brings together proven global techniques and engineering flare to achieve a uniquely innovative formwork solution.
    Contractor: Byrne Bros. (Formwork) Ltd.
    Field Service: PERI UK, Dartford Office and PERI GmbH, Weissenhorn
    Field Service: PERI GmbH, Germany
    PERI Ltd., United Kingdom
    PERI scope UK, 01/2004