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A change of shape as PERI UK launches unique DUO lightweight formwork system

Mar 30, 2017

PERI UK launches unique DUO lightweight formwork system

As contractors continually strive to achieve greater productivity and cost efficiencies, PERI UK has developed a flexible technopolymer formwork system which enables considerable cost and time savings during the concrete forming process.

As the UK’s leading provider of scaffolding and formwork solutions, PERI UK has unveiled its latest innovation - DUO, a lightweight yet strong and durable technopolymer formwork system with a maximum component weight of 25kg. With its unique corrosion and moisture resistant properties, DUO was designed to ensure maximum on-site manoeuvrability, enhancing productivity in the form of reduced on-site handling. With the perennial issue of worker safety, the lightweight design of DUO also minimises risk to personnel, who can transport and manipulate the system with greater ease than ever before.

Comprising just three key components – the formwork lining, panel and coupler - DUO is highly intuitive and easy to use, reducing the time investment required for contractors to become familiar with the system. Due to its simple design, construction phases can still be completed in the absense of cranes and machinery, helping to eliminate unnecessary and costly project delays.

For sites with specific noise considerations, the absence of tools ensures low noise levels during assembly and breakdown. Similarly, those with constraints on transport and deliveries can benefit from DUO, with the lightweight nature of the system enabling reduced lorry movements and easier offloading.

Alasdair Stables, Managing Director of PERI UK explained, “Our mission is to deliver solutions that address the needs of contractors and concrete specialists.  Thanks to the significant R&D focus of our global business, the introduction of DUO, made from a unique fibre-reinforced lightweight technopolymer material, has been shown to offer maximum durability and manoeuvrability.  The formwork lining can be used up to 100 times and is easily replaced.  DUO has been designed with the end user in mind and we are confident it will play a vital role in helping to keep construction projects on track.”

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