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PERI UP Flex Modular Working Scaffold: The rosette on the standard allows for connections up to 45°. The nodes at spacings of 50 cm also provide connection possibilities in all directions.
Training Courses with PERI UP
In conjunction with NETA, PERI now offers various CISRS courses.

PERI UP Flex - The Modular Scaffold

PERI UP Flex is an adaptable scaffolding system which provides a single solution for multiple applications.

Its flexibility means workers have greater control of the way in which they can manipulate the sytem to suit the geometric requirements of their project.

With high load-bearing capacity and vital safety features, workers can erect and dismantle PERI UP with confidence that only one system can provide solutions for multiple applications.

PERI UP Flex training is available as part of the CISRS Accredited Systems Scaffold Training which PERI offers. Product Training can take place on site or in various PERI locations.

“Our SSPTS training schemes enable customers to get up to speed with PERI UP Flex quickly.

On completion, all scaffolders will have their CISRS Scaffold card endorsed with PERI UP, allowing them to erect, modify and dismantle ring type system scaffolds safely.

We’re also one of the first formwork and scaffolding providers to visualise scaffolding solutions using digital applications. By working with our user-friendly PERI Augmented Reality app, our customers can understand how PERI UP integrates with a structure before it has been erected.”

Mark Holmes
Scaffolding Instructor

If you'd like more information about the training schemes offered by PERI, please contact us via email and we'll be happy to help.

PERI UP Flex Product Information

Want to learn more about PERI UP Flex? Watch the introduction video below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Below are some examples of PERI UP Flex products. Click here to see our full Scaffolding range.