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Timron Box Out Door and Window Former

Product Description

The reusable and lightweight box-out formwork for fast door and window turnarounds.

Reusable box-out formwork enables fast shuttering and striking of doors, windows and small recesses.  Quick and simple assembly with standard tools, flexibility for different recess widths and reduced material use result in cost savings and consistent quality.  The innovative corner component ensures easy and fast striking and a low number of system components. The powder-coated aluminium material is durable and light, providing high levels of reuse:

  • 15.2 kg Mini Box-Out Formwork
  • 24.8 kg Window Box-Out Formwork
  • 29.43 kg Door Box-Out Formwork

The box-out formwork can be combined with any panel formwork system, thanks to its ability to accommodate different wall thicknesses, widths and heights. The system is easily adapted to a range of door, widow and recess sizes:

  • Suitable for wall thicknesses of 20, 24, 25 and 30 cm
  • Telescopic adjustment enables door heights from 200 to 250cm
  • Door widths between 88.5cm and 126cm using the Multi Element model, or completely flexible widths with the Vario Element model.
  • Window recesses between 75 and 300 cm wide can be struck in walls and slabs

Key Benefits:

Productivity & Efficiency

  • Time saving - assembly under 10 min with low number of components
  • No specialist tools needed, easy to train to workforce
  • Adaptable to different wall and recess widths
  • Easy stripping with telescopic adjustment
  • Labour savings of up to 80% compared to traditional timber methods
  • Chamfer strips can be added
  • Patented corner system enables pressure relief before stripping
  • No wasted materials
  • Less space on site needed to assemble

Durable & Safe

  • Powder coated
  • Reduced cutting and working of materials on site
  • Low safety risks – simple tools and low weights
  • Available in different configurations
  • Fix – for frequent use with common dimensions, available in wall sizes 20, 24 and 25cm
  • Multi - with telescopic height and width adjustments, all conventional sizes can be catered for
  • Vario – for larger width door and window recesses, the combination of Vario corners and shuttering elements is the best solution.
  • Corners and Mini sets – for mini box outs and smaller applications

Technical Information

Wall Thickness 20 cm, 24 cm, 25 cm, others on request
Door Dimensions Widths: 88.5 cm - 126 cm
Heights: 200 cm - 250 cm
Window Dimensions 75 cm - 300 cm
Material Aluminium components


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