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Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD), Manchester

Project data

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Manchester University has invested over £300 million to build a world-leading engineering campus, helping to reinforce the UK’s strength in engineering capabilities. The project, which will house the university’s four engineering schools, is expected to be complete by 2021.


The design of the building comprises four cores, two geometrically challenging cores featuring nib and return walls and two typical cores featuring a simpler design. We were selected to provide a formwork solution for the two irregularshaped cores; each core was eight levels high with the option of a roof overrun.

To facilitate jumpform construction, we were also required to implement an efficient climbing solution as the pours grew in height.



Customer's benefit

Formwork design reduced concrete pours

Fully operating climbing solution during winded-off periods

Trailing platforms facilitated multiple construction tasks


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PERI solution

Formwork Design

We designed 4.5 m high TRIO panels as per the customer’s request. TRIO was selected due to its capacity to cover large areas, helping to reduce repositioning of formwork and the number of pours.

Climbing Solution

Our RCS was employed as a safe and economic means of climbing the core. Rail-guided operation accelerated the ascent of formwork and working platforms, enabling the crane to be used elsewhere on the project.


We integrated three trailing platforms with our RCS system in order to provide the required safety measures as the cores grew in height.

PERI UP scaffolding was suspended inside the core to provide a safe fire escape for personnel and an alternative access to three floors below working level.


For a more in-depth look at the Manchester Engineering Campus Development project, download our case study.