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Celebrating together with a special cake
50 Years of PERI
Learn more about how we've been celebrating our 50th birthday around the world!

50 Years Young

In the beginning there was the vision of Artur and Christl Schwörer: Products from PERI should make work on the construction site more economical, faster and safer for our customers. 

This has been our mission, our drive and the engine of our success for 50 years.  

With entrepreneurial thinking, reliability, innovative strength and our passion for our customers, we have become one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems. PERI has grown from a small family business to an international group with more than 9,500 employees, 1.56 billion Euro turnover and more than 160 branches all over the world.

Watch our '50 Years of PERI' video below:

Celebrating Together

The foundations of our economic success are our culture and values, which characterise our cooperation and constitute the PERI spirit.

Our success is, above all else, comes from the employees and their success all over the world. 

That is why our PERI Party Trucks have been on the road in Europe and North America, bringing the birthday festivities to all of our subsidiaries.

The PERI Party Map

The PERI Party Trucks -  complete with bar and live band - have been travelling across Europe and North America to bring the festivities to each subsidiary.

Elsewhere in the world, there have been parties with food and entertainment for all employees to celebrate 50 years of PERI.

Click the interactive map on the left to see when and where the celebrations have been happening!

Watch the video below to see how PERI UK celebrated: