Scaffolding used on Payne Road.

The future of temporary access

The PERI UP toolkit provides secure scaffolding access that drives efficiency and ensures safety at any height.

Scaffolding transportation system

Alimak STS 300

We’re working in partnership with Alimak to make scaffolding operations easier. The Alimak STS 300 has been developed to work seamlessly with PERI UP scaffolding systems, providing a smarter way of transporting components and material from the ground up to any level.

The Alimak STS 300 not only moves scaffold material vertically but also supports horizontal movements. With a crew requirement of only two people, up to 300 square metres of PERI UP scaffolding can be installed per day.



PERI UP Flex Modular Working Scaffold: The scaffolding width can be chosen freely selectable and can be adapted to meet a wide range of requirements.

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