Form structures that stand tall

From universities to residential high-rises, we help shape buildings that bring a city to life. With a range of climbing and formwork options to suit your requirements, our temporary works systems make it possible to construct in challenging environments.

Focus Project

Building Projects

Metal cage with bars and wires inside, with metal mesh stop ends seen on a construction site.
PERI finds the right solution for the One Tower Bridge, London construction
Greenwich Peninsula
RCS supported the spider boom platform to facilitate concrete placement on the core
Brunel Building, North Wharf Road
Section of the Stafford Multi-Storey pre-cast car park with PROKIT edge protection
MULTIPROP with SKYDECK for slab formwork from PERI
PERI's climbing protection panel conforms with Health & Safety Fall from Height Regulations
One Park Drive, Wood Wharf
Steel reinforcement ties the core together
PERI CB Climbing System
TRIO Wall Formwork
SKYDECK Slab System
Delivering an architectural concrete finish for a 19th century building.
PERI ACS (Automatic Climbing System), deployed with RCS (Rail Climbing System) with VARIO. Shows the very high concrete finish below climbing systems on the North Core.
South Quay Plaza
Different PERI wall formwork systems used to construct new tropical enclosure at Chester Zoo
The solution by PERI is realised in the finish of the concrete walls for the Aquatics Centre for London 2012
A timber gridshell shapes the undulating roof and gives the distillery its unique geometry
Edificio Ágora, Valencia, Spain - A huge birdcage scaffold on the basis of PERI UP Rosett provided safe access ways and working areas for subsequent site activities up to a height of nearly 80 m.
Mausoleum Michniów - The museum shape symbolizes a traditional village hut, which gradually crumbles into dust. Numerous offsets and inclined surfaces characterize the complex structure. PERI engineers developed a customized formwork concept in order to carry out the project with a minimum quantity of special formwork.
For these cores on the V&A Stratford project, we provided ‘up and over’ access using our PERI UP Flex scaffold so operatives could gain access from one side of the VARIO formwork shutter to the other. This was crucial as the final floor levels followed up behind the core and were not yet in place.
Bespoke formwork delivers unique architectural concrete requirements.
1277 bespoke VARIO shutters were fabricated and delivered to the site
LPS - PERI's mesh protection panel ensures safe working conditions in all weathers
Project-specific formwork ascends on MECD’s irregular-shaped cores.
PERI UP - the versatile scaffolding system aids a hospital build in Belfast
Delivering a high-grade architectural finish for a world-changing university.
PERI CB Climbing System
TRIO Wall Formwork