The picture shows the delivery of PERI components to a construction site.

Construction Accessories

Supporting products that add value.

Our construction accessories are compatible with our main product range. They support various applications and tasks by enhancing the safety and assembly speed of our formwork and scaffolding systems.

Whether you’re looking to transport material up a building, need slab support, or built-in reinforcement for continuity between concrete joints, our accessories can optimise the way you build. 

View our range of Construction Accessories below:

CEMflex is the most tested solution for waterproofing concrete structures and can be easily fit into place with a clip.


CEMflex ensures that your concrete structures, foundations and tunnels are completely waterproof. It functions as an active and passive barrier for the transmission of water at the construction joint.

The system can be easily assembled with the reinforcement or simply put into fresh concrete and can be tailored to suit your requirements by being cut or bent. Installation is made quicker as CEMflex removes the need to bond or weld overlappings by simply fixing them together with a clip.

Construction Accessories

View our full range of Construction Accessories below

For the forming of monolithic concrete up-stands in slabs
Speed Edge Formwork is an innovative solution that is made from sheet steel for the installation of permanent lateral formwork for reinforced concrete base.
The simplest way to achieve continuity of reinforcement between pours.
CEMflex is the most tested solution for waterproofing concrete structures and can be easily fit into place with a clip.
The permanent stop end system for the installation of construction joints.
Powder coated
Reduced cutting and working of materials on site
Low safety risks – simple tools and low weights
Available in different configurations
Fix – for frequent use with common dimensions, available in wall sizes 20, 24 and 25cm
PERI tie systems: The DK and SK tie systems serve to ensure subsequent, reliable sealing of tie points.
The cost-effective solid web girder
PERI Clean, PERI Bio Clean and PERI Plasto Clean - Concrete release agent for all formwork and equipment
VT 20
The tubular steel prop for daily use on construction sites
The galvanized tubular steel slab prop with up to 50 kN load-bearing capacity
MULTIPROP Aluminium Slab Props: Used as a cost-saving lightweight individual prop and cost-effective shoring tower
RS Push-Pull Props: A complete programme, can be telescoped to reach a length of 14.00 m
GT 24 Schalungsträger: The versatile lattice girder with high load-bearing capacity
Temporary edge protection for your projects.
Increase safety and productivity with the XL hoist, designed and operated by XL Industries in collaboration with PERI UK.
Scaffolding transportation system