The most efficient way to measure water to cement ratio on site
The first of four sensors from PERI’s concrete sensor range will be made available to customers this week.

PERI UK launches first-ever concrete sensor

The SONO WZ is one of the first in the construction industry to measure the water to cement ratio in fresh concrete mixes, providing enhanced quality assurance before placement.


29. September 2020

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One of the main benefits of the sensor PERI feels will appeal to users is the amount of time it saves on site. The fully mobile, hand-held device can take a series of water to cement ratio measurements in just two minutes, compared to traditional methods, which can take up to 8 hours for a single test.

PERI’s Digital Engineering Manager, Anna Wylie, said, “We are moving into an era where data driven decisions and advancing construction methodologies is not only an advantage for our customers, it is critical to ensure they remain competitive and relevant in a modern construction industry. Digital technologies such as the SONO WZ is one of the tools we expect to be key to this transition.”

Following a successful trial with civil engineering sub-contractor, Joseph Gallagher Ltd, on Tideway’s Chelsea Embankment site, PERI is confident that customers will benefit from improved quality control, efficient forming operations and reduced material wastage on site.

Rapidly expanding its digital range, PERI is looking forward to launching another three sensors over the next year, each one offering different benefits to the construction process. This has been supported by the company’s newest appointments in its Engineering team.  

National Product Manager for PERI, Matthew Binder, said, “At PERI we are always striving to make construction safer, faster and more efficient, and the SONO WZ embodies these values. We have developed an industry-first with this sensor, responding to the demand and increasing importance for data driven decisions throughout our supply chain.”

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