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Meet our intern from Germany, Stephi

Meet Stephi, a student from PERI SE, presently undertaking part of her studies abroad in the UK subsidiary.

Who are you and what’s your connection to PERI?

Hi, my name is Stephi and I have been doing a dual study programme in business administration - international business in collaboration with PERI SE since 2021. I will finish my studies in September of 2024. My practical phase abroad is a voluntary part of the study programme. 


What’s a dual study programme?

The basic component of a dual study programme is combining practical work in a company and theoretical lectures at a university. These two areas of work (practical and theoretical) alternate in a regular three-month rhythm. At the end of the dual study programme, students receive an internationally recognised Bachelor's degree. It sets itself apart from traditional university courses by its strong emphasis on practical, hands-on experiences.

Throughout my journey, I've had the chance to work in various departments at PERI, including Global Sourcing, HR Talent and Leadership, HR Academy, and Marketing.


How long will you be here?

I'll stay here for 2.5 months, from October 2, 2023, to December 15, 2023.


What are your interests/hobbies?

My primary interests revolve around photography, videography, and post-production editing. Also, I like to help out my friends with their car tuning projects.


Why did you choose the UK for your semester abroad?

Obviously because of the great weather!

Just kidding, my decision to come to the UK was primarily motivated by my love for the English language. I had the chance to visit the UK as a pupil before, and I genuinely enjoyed my time here. Another significant factor was that, compared to many other subsidiaries, PERI UK has its dedicated marketing department. This offers me a valuable opportunity to gain insights into a field that truly interests me.

Meet our intern, Stephi

How did you prepare for your time here?

Honestly, I didn't have much spare time since I was busy completing a project thesis on AI in Social Media Marketing in Germany, which was my top priority. But I tried to prepare myself mentally for driving on the other side. 😃


Which team are you working in currently?

I’m currently part of the marketing team headed by Tracy Armstrong. My direct supervisor is Molly Alcock.


What are the biggest differences between living here vs living in Germany?

  • Driving on the other side 
  • Paying and having the exchange rate in mind
  • Not having a cantine at work 
  • Dipping pizza 
  • Having beans and curry on a jacket potato instead of sour cream 
  • Going through gates at train stations 
  • Being able to pay by card everywhere


What was your best experience so far?

Besides travelling around the country, living independently has been a thrilling journey for me. Especially as I previously lived with my mom. This transition has required me to become self-reliant, managing household tasks and planning my shopping. It's a period that has not only fostered my independence but also served as a valuable preparation for moving out in the future.


What did you learn while working in marketing?

In short, my time in marketing has been like a crash course covering website design, social media management, crafting email newsletters, conducting competitor analysis and a bunch of other tasks. The work was super creative and I picked up loads of valuable skills that I'm sure will be very useful for my future career.