Yellow scaffolding wraps around a building.

How K2 Scaffolding is Rising with PERI UP

Northern Ireland based scaffolding contractor, K2 Scaffolding, prides itself on delivering the highest level of service to its customers.

Determined to increase the scale of projects they undertake across the residential and commercial sectors, K2 Scaffolding invested in £400,000 worth of equipment in 2022, becoming the first company to make a substantial investment in PERI UP in Northern Ireland.

Since then, we have partnered with the contractor to provide engineering and commercial expertise, enabling the team to deliver fast façade and stair access solutions across projects in and around the capital city.

Belfast International Airport

As part of the 5-year revamp and extension project at Belfast International Airport, we supported K2 scaffolding with the design of a PERI UP Flex staircase and walkway. System scaffolding was specified for this project to replicate a clear and unobstructed emergency fire escape route which would be used throughout the duration of the demolition and remedial works.  

A construction site with scaffolding providing stair access to the building.

With demolition work taking place very close to the emergency route, we had to ensure the PERI UP scaffold design was set within the same parameters of the permanent stairs that existed before. The design also had to accommodate the double level scaffold beams which were fixed to existing steel structures to support the suspended walkway above. The walkway would be the only available emergency exit route for passengers on the left-hand side of the building and so we alternated the layout of the decks on every bay to support a maximum live load of 3.00 kN/m². 

We also provided K2 Scaffolding with loading bays leading off from the walkway. The loading bays cover a footprint of 5m x 4m which will be used to store material to support the remedial work.  

The National Bank

To support the roof upgrade on this Grade I listed building, K2 Scaffolding required a façade access solution that would avoid tying the structure into the bay windows. Given the height of the scaffolding structure, it was not feasible to avoid tying entirely. However, our design team carefully considered how we could minimise and position ties to prevent damage to the bay windows and other fragile areas of the framework. 

We were able to reduce ties and direct contact with the façade by using our PERI UP console brackets on the internal standards. With these components, we could step the scaffolding back from the building while maintaining close proximity to the façade. The console brackets extended the surface area of the platform, bridging the gap between the scaffold and the building.

Additionally, variable deck sizes gave us the flexibility needed on a project like this, as we were able to deck out any gaps between the bay windows to provide a closed off structure and safe working platform.  

A tall building covered in scaffolding, undergoing construction work to improve its structure and appearance.

What made this project challenging is that no structural drawings of the building were available. Our design experts worked closely with K2 Scaffolding’s experienced team to develop an ‘as-built’ solution on the roof. This involved utilising a site survey to get a better understanding of the structure as well as adapting PERI UP components during the build to create the best solution to accommodate the shape of the roof.   

At ground level, we designed a pavement gantry to create a safe public walkway and incorporated a bespoke PERI UP fan to shield pedestrians from falling objects.  

Queen’s University - Seamus Heaney Building

For this project, we supported K2 Scaffolding with perimeter access to all floors during the ongoing restoration work on the building to protect its historic listed status.  

Perimeter access was installed to facilitate roof and window replacement. One of the main challenges during the design and installation of the scaffolding was protecting as much of the façade as possible, including its bay windows, which would determine how and where the scaffolding would be tied into the structure.  

Yellow scaffolding wraps around a building. There is a sign to display the company logos of those working on the project.
Yellow scaffolding wraps around a building.

Our design team proposed a layout that would reduce the number of ties required. We incorporated cantilever brackets to accommodate the bay windows and support the scaffolding deck spanning above. Brackets were also used externally to increase the width of the working platform and provide safer and seamless access to the on-site cabin. 

The 25mm increments between the length of our scaffolding decks enabled scaffolders to install working platforms close to the chimney walls on the roof. We used our UHA spigots to create flexible ledger to ledger connections which accommodated the chimney’s geometry with no additional fittings required. 

The entire build of the scaffolding solution was completed in just five days with 42 tonnes of PERI UP Flex erected over the course of the project.  

Default Person
Default Person
Cathal Abram
Contracts Manager | K2 Scaffolding
We had an awkward chimney scaffold to erect, and the adjustable spigots made this challenge easier to overcome. The locking and ladder decks are a great advantage for both time and safety. It saved a significant amount of time as the self-locking feature meant the team didn’t need to tie the decks down during windy weather. These components played a big part in the speed of the project, reducing the predicted project time by 50%. I’m looking forward to working with PERI on our next project and I’m sure the PERI UP scaffolding system will continue to impress.