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Kicker Bracket


  • The Kicker Bracket can be used for single and double-sided walls in swimming pools, basement walls, man holes, retaining walls, biomass tanks & reservoirs and many other applications. Columns can also be erected with ease.
  • Designed to securely hold and suspend timber planks off reinforced steel bars during concrete pours.
  • In accordance with BS8102:2009, during construction a non-integral kicker should be avoided as it requires more than one water bar stop; both at the joint with the slab and intersection with the wall.
  • Comprises a mild steel brace locking into position a 5mm steel wire chair.  
  • Produces precise, high quality concrete up-stands to begin vertical forming.
  • Reduces material use and labour requirements when creating concrete up-stands. An experienced user can erect up to 30m of up-stand per hour.
  • The Kicker should be spaced at 1m centres to avoid bowing of the timber.
  • Lightweight and simple to install even in awkward site conditions.

Technical Details

Fast and Efficient

  • Timber is totally suspended from the rebar deck, enabling complete concrete coverage around the rebar.
  • Full and clear access along the top of the kicker during the concrete pour enables a better result for the cohesion of the concrete when pokering and easy access for water-bar practices.
  • Crisp vertical and horizontal accuracy of the concrete up-stand achieved in a non-labour intensive fashion.

High Quality

  • The chair is comprised of either 5mm galvanised (to BS1052) or stainless (BS2056 302 S26) steel wire. The shape of the wire, forming a double kick back, enhances the wire strength as well as reducing exposure at the concrete surface.
  • This Kicker Bracket is designed to better control the impact of hydrostatic pressure created during the concrete pour. The pressure from fluid concrete acts against the vertical sides of the timber formwork and is greatest at the base.

Safe and Sustainable

  • Reduces use of timber materials - lowering the number of offcuts and minimising waste when striking timber beams. De-nailing is eradicated, allowing timbers to be cleaned and reused.
  • Lowers risk of slips and trips around the worksite.
  • Less requirement to use hand and power tools, minimising risks and hazards attributed to these activities.
  • Lower need to bend and hold awkward postures, reducing the risk of aches and pains and musculoskeletal problems.


  • Specified height, clearance and lining of the kicker easily set by the shuttering joiners on site.
  • Timber is secured with a loop tie, pressurising the timber firmly into the chair for a secure fit during the concrete pour.
  • Accommodates timber from 4x2 to 6x3.

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