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PHONO Concrete Compaction Sensor

Enhance concrete quality with the PHONO Concrete Compaction Sensor
Our PHONO sensor monitors concrete compaction easily, even in hard-to-reach formwork areas. This minimises the risk of gaps between the concrete and any adjacent components.

Concreting against existing structures can present challenges. Our concrete compaction sensor provides accurate data in real time so you can act accordingly to minimise the risk of any damage.

Monitoring compaction levels during the concreting process can reduce test drilling and potential rework. Instead of drilling a test hole, you can use the sensor to check for the presence of concrete. This will help you save time and resources, whilst ensuring a high concrete quality.

The concrete compaction sensor also allows you to measure compaction levels from below with concrete pumps. The sensor can be integrated into our formwork systems or embedded into the pours.

PHONO in action

  • How does PHONO work?
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  • A small black device with a red wire attached.
    Precise, low-cost ultrasonic sensor

    The concrete compaction sensors work by using high-frequency sound pulses. This determines whether it is surrounded by air, liquid or concrete to understand the degree of compaction.

  • The analysis results are presented to you in a simple traffic light logic. Each measuring point can be analyzed in a flash, so you can act immediately if deviations occur.
    Easy to read

    The results from the compaction sensor are displayed in a traffic light form. Each measuring point can be read quickly, allowing you to act immediately if deviations occur.


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