A computer screen showing reading from a concrete pressure sensor. A yellow handheld hub is connected to the sensor.

PREMO, Concrete Pressure Monitoring

Pour at optimum speed with accurate pressure measurements throughout your formwork

The PREMO Pressure Sensor measures the pressure exerted by the concrete on the formwork. The pressure measurements are directly transmitted to the cloud which can be monitored in our web portal. Using the data received, you can adjust the pouring speed accordingly to make pouring operations safer and more efficient.



  • The intuitive interface displays real-time information of the concreting process and concrete strength
  • Manage services: concrete strength estimation, temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Multiple dashboards per project can be individually configured
  • Notification and blog functions facilitating the communication between the project teams
  • Receive instant notifications if a set target value is reached
  • Generate reports about finished pours easing documentation efforts

For further information, please check the ISC Web Application.

PREMO Pressure Sensor in action

  • Watch the video to find out more
  • PERI InSite Pressure Sensor in use on the Regent Street Flyover project in Leeds.
    Easy handling

    • Compatible with all formwork systems 
    • One standard system for the entire concreting process 
    • Mesh networking for increased network coverage
  • The PERI InSite Pressure Sensor was used on the Regent Street Flyover project in Leeds.
    Economical and time saving

    • Optimisation of the concreting process 
    • Determine concreting pressure in real-time  
    • Reduce the risk of formwork blowouts and deformation
    • Optimise utilisation and operating times of the formwork
  • The PERI InSite Pressure Sensor in operation with formwork
    Safety and documentation

    • Sustainability: No batteries, transmitters, receivers or circuit boards remain in the concrete
    • With data-driven decisions, the risk of formwork blowout can be minimised that in turn increases safety
    • Efficient documentation through digital data documentation and storage 
    • Visualisation of real-time data to create more transparency


We offer the PERI InSite Pressure Sensor in two variants. You can choose between a completely new set with a communication unit, or an add-on for your temperature set if you already have one.

Set 1:

  • 1 Technical Cabinet 
  • 1 Main Unit integrated into the Technical Cabinet 
  • 1 Pressure Node
  • 4 Pressure Sensors 
  • Accessories (cables, spare parts, etc.) 


Set 2:

  • 1 Pressure Node
  • 4 Pressure Sensors


See our Instructions for Assembly and Use below.

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