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Vertical Access Hoists


PERI and XL now offer a unique access and formwork solution, combining XL’s vertical access hoists with PERI’s formwork systems to provide significant safety and efficiency gains to your project.

Crane time

Crane dedicated to value added tasks rather than the transfer of props and panels


Up to 20% less labour time required to move materials around site

Easy to use

15–30 minutes to jump, with adjustable landings, no noise, and no certificates required to operate

Built-in safety

Features include overload sensors, centrifugal brakes, and landing with trapped key gates

Easy integration

Can be operated as a standalone system, or integrated around PERI LPS lightweight climbing perimeter protection screens


The system can be cantilevered, serve the wet deck, and be relocated easily


Full supply, delivery and support services available


Increased safety and productivity from XL Hoists and PERI Formwork

The enclosed car allows full access to upper work zones, with built-in landing doors for safe operation.

Spanning across 24 metres and fitting within safety screens, the hoist is hooked onto the slabs using a simple pin and sleeve system.

The standard car supports 2500 kg or 25 persons.

Technical Details



High Car



3.5 m

3.5 m

4.0 m


1.7 m

1.7 m

2.6 m


2.1 m

2.7 m

2.7 m


Up to 2500 kg

2000 kg

2000 kg

Vertical speed

18 m/min

18 m/min

12 m/min

Other features

Extension modules car length from 3 m to 4 m

Extension modules car length from 3 m to 4 m

Used as a loading deck. Only 6 passengers

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