FinPly Maxi from PERI is a large panel for concrete formwork applications

Maxi Birch Film Faced Plywood

Large-size formwork panel for demanding, almost joint-free smooth fairfaced concrete finishes

The Fin Ply Maxi concrete formwork panel is available in the dimensions of 7.5 m x 2.7 m and 5.4 m x 2.0 m and on-demand, it is manufactured with lengths of up to 12.40 m. These high-quality plywood panels are used for walls and slabs and they are very suitable for almost joint-free and demanding fair-faced concrete finishes as well as high numbers of re-uses. The non-absorbing concrete formwork panel consists of 15 crosswise bonded and scarfed birch veneers, which are WBP bonded. The concreting side is coated with a 540 g/m² reinforced phenolic resin coating.

For many years already, PERI customers have been achieving excellent results with the Fin Ply Maxi for fair faced concrete finishes at in-situ concrete job sites. Some prominent projects of renowned architects are for example the MAXXI Museum of Art in Rome by Zaha Hadid, the New Centre in Ulm by Stephan Braunfels or the Langen Foundation in Hombroich by Tadao Ando.

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