A worker on a scaffolding system that is up a building. They are holding a panel.

PERI UP Cladding

The safe and flexible scaffolding enclosure system
PERI UP Cladding is a newly developed, flexible scaffolding enclosure system. This latest addition to our PERI UP range features effortless installation components and translucent protection, enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of the construction process.

The PERI UP Cladding system works with our PERI UP scaffolding range to create a flexible enclosure that is easy to install in any setting, thanks to its use of lightweight man-handleable components, which makes it lighter than currently available systems.

The large translucent panels include an integrated handrail for ease of handling and fitting, without the need for specialist tools. The ability to enclose all or part of the construction site using fewer components than similar systems, ensures a fast, flexible installation.

PERI UP Cladding in action

  • Lightweight panels

    are integrated with a handrail and multifunctional components to facilitate easy handling on the construction site.

  • Fast erection times

    due to the assembly from a secured position, PERI UP cladding can be erected directly on the existing scaffold.

  • Increased safety at any height

    due to the fact assembly takes place inside the scaffold and individual panels are opened towards the inside.

  • How is PERI UP Cladding installed?
    Watch our video to find out.


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