MAXIMO in use on the ROM Dome Tunnel

Wall Formwork with PERI

Our range of wall formwork products has been designed to support a variety of applications - from lightweight systems which can be lifted into position by hand for small basement projects, to heavy-duty systems required for large infrastructure projects.

The technology behind our wall formwork helps to drive efficiency on site and speeds up the construction process. Take MAXIMO for example with its MX tie technology. This allows for one-sided tie installation which can reduce working time by up to 50%.

Not only can our wall formwork systems be applied to general construction sites, but also to those looking for an architectural finish. This is demonstrated on projects like the Marshall Building in which the use of VARIO provided an exposed concrete finish throughout the building. You can find out more about our architectural projects here.

Whether it’s 1.7m-thick or 6m-high walls, we know project requirements vary and can push the boundaries of concrete construction. That’s why our wall formwork solutions can be made bespoke to support your project requirements needs and ensure you get the most cost-effective solution. Our Sales and Engineering teams work closely with you to understand your specific needs and challenges, which allows us to deliver tailored solutions.

A picture showcasing PERI's MAXIMO wall formwork, an effective system for constructing walls.


Developed by PERI, the MX tie technology with one-sided tie installation greatly accelerates formworking operations. At the same time, MAXIMO is significantly faster than conventional wall formwork despite the lower site personnel requirements.


PERI Wall Formwork

TRIO is a universal formwork system which places the highest emphasis on uncomplicated forming operations and the reduction of shuttering times.
A picture showcasing PERI's MAXIMO wall formwork, an effective system for constructing walls.
The universal lightweight formwork for walls, columns and slabs
Lightweight panel formwork for building construction and civil engineering
Continuously adjustable circular formwork for radii greater than 1.00m without panel alterations
SB Stützbock: Zuverlässiges Betonieren von einhäuptigen Wänden bis 8,75 m Höhe.
Economical forming without ties, for all radii, also with special formwork
The drive rails are available in two variants, depending on the type of project at hand: RCS MAX C and CL. Both allow the platforms to be moved safely in 750 mm increments.
Flexible girder wall formwork, also for high-grade architectural concrete surfaces.

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