When forming the slab, work is completely carried out from a safe position below; the panels are simply hooked in and then pivoted upwards.

DUO Formwork

Efficiency & Versatility

The intuitive and quick application enables crane-free handling, while versatile and lightweight components reduce transport requirements.

The latest panel formwork system in our product portfolio is made from technopolymers, making it 100% recyclable. With no component weighing more than 25kg, DUO can be manoeuvred around construction sites with ease. Optimisation is a key benefit of the system’s design, as it can be used to form walls, columns and slabs with reduced tooling requirements.

A sustainable option for any construction project, the formwork system reduces the output of waste as it is reused in the production of new panels and components.

Why use DUO for your next project?

These three videos highlight specific benefits of the DUO system:

Super Tax Deduction

You can claim back tax on new products like DUO.

See what our customers had to say:


  • By the end of November 2017, ACS was facilitating contstruction of the core at the 44th level
    By the end of November 2017, ACS was facilitating contstruction of the core at the 44th level

    Residential high-rise known as Newfoundland, Canary Wharf, London.

    James Duignam, Project Engineer
    Customer: Expanded

    "DUO’s lightweight properties made the system a great option as recycling of the formwork using the crane was not possible."

  • Concrete House, Sussex
    Concrete House, Sussex

    Concrete House, Sussex

    Adrian Corrigal, Developer
    Private residential structure

    “DUO works in perfect harmony with the experimental concrete mixes we are using in that both reduce labour and material costs, reduce the project’s carbon footprint and are definitive steps forward in construction methodology.”

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