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Luton DART

Project data

Location: Luton, United Kingdom

Luton DART is a driverless rail link service that will reduce journey times significantly between the airport terminals and Luton Airport Parkway station. At £200 million, it is a complex project involving a single bridge, a viaduct, tunnels and platforms, all of which is being delivered by Volker-Fitzpatrick Kier.


The viaduct features seven piers, all requiring an F3 finish. Two of these piers are double-stem piers, which meant that special forms had to be designed to achieve the unique internal archways.

In addition, a 320 m-long double tunnel is being built further along the route, which required flexible formwork to achieve its curved geometry. For the tunnel roof, a faster repositioning solution was needed to reduce the cycle time
on each 20m-long segment.


NJ Doyne

Customer's benefit

Innovative formwork support

Efficient formwork design enabled reuse

Mobile shoring reduced weekly cycles


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Richard Fahey
Contract Manager, NJ Doyne

"What’s interesting about the tunnel is that its curved shape has been achieved by reusing straight formwork. The mobile solution for the pier table system has worked brilliantly and has reduced repositioning times, especially within the confined area."

PERI solution

We provided formwork and scaffolding systems for almost all structures on the project.

The viaduct

As we could not tie panels together, our engineers rotated SB brace frames 90 degrees to create loading platform supports. Frames were installed horizontally around the pier stems to support pier table formwork and structure through the curing process.

Safe access to the pier heads, the highest being over 13 m above ground level, was facilitated by PERI UP scaffolding, which we customised to enable the customer to crane lift the entire unit at once.

We formed the bespoke shapes of the pier head by designing a special form using components from our VARIOKIT range. Using these special components enabled the intricate internal archways on piers one and two to be formed.

The tunnel

For the tunnel roof, we used our GT 24 girders and a plywood overlay. This was supported by MULTIPROP shoring.

To reduce repositioning time, we placed the formwork and shoring on wheels, enabling the whole system to move without any dismantling required.

The tunnel walls were built with our single-sided VARIO formwork panels, that were connected with intermediate fillers to achieve a faceted structure that would form the curve.


For a more in-depth look at the Luton DART project, download our case study.