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Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade

Project data

Location: London, United Kingdom

Tunnel Length: 105m long with two section, one 5.40m wide x 4.8m high and 4.8m wide x 4.7m wide

The upgrade and Crossrail interchange modernises the underground station and will relieve the over-crowding


Product to accommodate different radiuses of tunnel

Product easy to maneouvre due to space restrictions

Cleaning the panels to prepare for the next pour swiftly and with efficiency

Project programme required three pours per week


Taylor Woodrow BAM Nuttall JV

Customer's benefit

High finish meant no render or lining required

Lightweight components enabled manual handling in restricted space

No crane costs

Flexibility of system gave safe access for cleaning


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Ben Darkwa
Tunnels Section Engineer

PERI’s involvement with constructing the tunnels at the site has been crucial to the progress of the project and the engineering of VARIOKIT, coupled with their design and technical competence, makes it the ideal solution for tunnel construction

PERI solution

VARIOKIT using standard system component s

Hydraulic equipment to strike and reposition shutters easily