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Macallan Distillery, Aberlour

Project data

Location: Aberlour, United Kingdom

Purpose: A new distillery to enhance production capabilities and enable visitors to experience the production of the luxury single-malt whisky.

Hidden away in the countryside, the distillery is both a modest and modern architecture. The exterior is camouflaged by grass, enabling the structure to blend in with its natural surroundings, whilst the interior comprises concrete, steel and timber reflecting the complexity and detail of the design.

Date of Completion: 2018


  • Achieving a high-quality architectural concrete finish was a top priority. The customer requested fewer tie holes to achieve the desired finish.

  • In addition to the finish, the structure consists of various geometrical shapes that required suitable formwork solutions to ensure they were accurately constructed as per the design.

  • The design also included a 6m high wall along the service route requiring a cost-effective shuttering solution.


Careys Civil Engineering

Customer's benefit

Reduced crane dependency

Flexible, project-specific construction


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PERI solution

  • TRIO panel formwork was employed to form the 6m high walls. The system’s large shuttering capacity meant fewer concrete pours were required.

  • TRIO also integrated with the PERI UP scaffolding system to provide easy and secure access to shutters on the higher levels. System compatibility was paramount as it enabled workers to erect and strike the formwork safely and accurately.

  • For the circular production tanks, RUNDFLEX offered a consistent curve and flexible shuttering. The system could be adjusted to meet individual radii measurements without making modifications to the actual panel, whilst still producing a fair-faced concrete finish.

  • All internal exposed walls were formed using customised VARIO panels. The use of GT 24 girders and steel walers enabled the flexibility of positioning ties where desired, ensuring project-specific construction.