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New Providence Wharf

Project data

Location: London, United Kingdom

Project will transform an 8.2 acre brownfield site

Located on the Thames - set to become one of the tallest in London’s high-rise district

50,000 sqm office and retail space

Radical architecture includes in-step balconies



Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill


Reduction in wall thicknesses

Specific formwork solutions tailored to customers' request

Flexibility of formwork systems to enable contractor to remain on project timescale

Curved wall construction


John Reddington Ltd

Customer's benefit

Health & Safety issues realised at all times 

Long working relationship with PERI enabled customer to specify systems to match requirements of the project

The RCS-C Climbing Protection Panel applied to create enclosures and ensure the safety of personnel working around the tower perimeter of the building.


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Michael Riordan
Project Manager

"We used a complete range of PERI equipment, which have all been engineered towards our construction specifications. We saved time, ensured safety and the climbing systems enables us to stick to the proejct timescale without having to stop and start"

PERI solution

TRIO wall panel system with RCS-C climbing system to construct internal shaft platforms

SKYDECK - erected from below complies with Health & Safety issues

RUNDFLEX for curved wall build