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Ambergate Reservoir

Project data

Location: Ambergate, United Kingdom

Construction Period: May 2014 - Spring 2018

100m x 130m twin compartment concrete reservoir 

Pre-fabrication of VARIO panels in Rugby Depot for sloping tank wall



Be-spoke VARIO panels for sloping tank walls

8m high walls on tanks

Auxiliary underground chambers to house pipes and valves


STAM Construction Ltd

Customer's benefit

Construction schedule maintained due to the high level of collaboration and support

Pre-fabrication of product enabled time efficiency on site


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David Marshall
Project Manager

“Using pre-fabricated, tailored equipment has meant that we have overcome the challenges of such a complex construction process. Being able to easily erect and position the formwork and panel systems has enabled us to utilise our time on site efficiently. We have also been able to bridge the gaps when it came to constructing the perimeter corners which proved testing due to the shape and increasing thickness towards the base. The VARIO panels were essential in this process and aided tremendously in meeting our planned deadlines.”

PERI solution

Customised VARIO GT24 girder wall formwork for sloping tank walls to meet the straight tank walls

TRIO panel formwork to construct underground chambers

Heavy Duty Props to support pre-cast columns