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White Collar Factory

Project data

Location: London, United Kingdom

  • 237,000 sq ft of new office building at the Silicon Roundabout in London.
  • 16 storeys at the epicentre of London's "Tech City".
  • Redevelopment, to  include campus building containing offices, retail and a new public square.

Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris.


  • High architectural concrete finish required.
  • Recki rubber moulding sheeting applied to finished walls.
  • Pre-fabrication required due to site space  restriction
  • Cores required using two climbing systems in conjunction


Dunne Group,

Customer's benefit

  • Time and cost advantage.
  • Customer has worked with PERI on numerous other projects so well informed on product range.
  • pre-fabrication of systems due to site restrictions

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Mark Ruane, Dunne Group, Project Manager
Mark Ruane
Project Manager

The quality of the formwork is absolutely crucial on this project as all the concrete walls and ceiling slabs are exposed in the finished building. We’re also under tight time constraints, so speed and ease of positioning are key.

PERI solution

Solution tailored to meet site restrictions

Customized Automatic Climbing System (ACS) used

High architectural finished achieved using VARIO

LPS (Light Protection Screens sprayed in Company colours