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M16 Screw-On Sleeve


The PERI Screw-On Sleeve is a simple and cost-effective device for the temporary mounting of edge protection on reinforced concrete slabs. Screwed into the fresh concrete, with a metric thread inside, once the slab has cured fixing points for edge protection are now ready to be used.

Technical Details

No drilling required

  • No prospect of hitting rebar
  • Reduces labour requirement
  • Saves time

Huge health and safety gains

  • Reduces requirement for labour force to use powertools, reducing HAVS related activities
  • Reduces need for hazardous power-tools and trailing cables across site
  • Reduction in dust generated

Cost of anchors/resin bolts and drill bits are saved

  • Easy to set out
  • Stays securely in place. Narrow profile and threads reduces concrete pressure and removes the risk of the sleeve being pushed up and out of the slab during curing


  • Red cap stops dust and dirt falling in to item before bolt is ready to be inserted
  • Lost item
  • For use with M16-8.8 bolts or higher
  • Full assembly instructions with installation guide and load-bearing capacity available on request

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