We developed the PERI UP Traveller using standard off-the-shelf components from our formwork and scaffolding range.

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Scaffolding transportation system

STS 300 Scaffold Transport System

We’re working in partnership with Alimak to make scaffolding operations easier. The Alimak STS 300 has been developed to work seamlessly with PERI UP scaffolding systems, providing a smarter way of transporting components and material from the ground up to any level.

The Alimak STS 300 not only moves scaffold material vertically but also supports horizontal movements. With a crew requirement of only two people, up to 300 square metres of PERI UP scaffolding can be installed per day.




PERI Scaffolding Systems

The latest addition to the PERI UP scaffolding toolkit, PERI UP Easy is designed to improve both safety and productivity for façade applications.
PERI UP Flex Modular Working Scaffold: Extremely flexible work scaffold for a wide range of applications.
Extremely adaptable and with a high load-bearing capacity
The lightweight stair tower for flexible access solutions
PERI UP Flex Stair Steel 100,125: For high requirements regarding load bearing capacity and accessibility.
Scaffolding transportation system
The PERI UP Loading Bay in a standard arrangement can be loaded up to 10kN/m²
The suspended scaffold can be manoeuvred with little effort due to smooth plastic rollers.
PERI UP Flex Reinforcement R75,100: Modular Reinforcement Scaffold for efficient work.
PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof: Standard components are the basis for variable roof shapes.
PERI UP Flex Shoring: The maximum level of flexibility.
The heavy-duty prop with integrated load control

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