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DUO Lightweight Formwork

The universal lightweight formwork for walls, columns and slabs
By using only a minimum number of different system components for walls, foundations, columns and slabs efficient forming can be realized.
When forming the slab, work is completely carried out from a safe position below; the panels are simply hooked in and then pivoted upwards.
Due to the manageable dimensions of the DUO panels, these are also ideally suited for the construction of foundations.
The replacement formlining can be mounted by hand using only a few screws – also on the construction site and without any special tools.
DUO is made of technical polymers, that material provides permanent protection against moisture as well as being very light and highly flexible in terms of product design.
An example of easy and simple use: the shape of the DUO Connector and the panel openings allow only one single installation option.


DUO is a lightweight, yet strong and durable innovative technopolymer formwork system with no component part weighing more than 25kg. This lightweight system is easy to manouver on site, reduces the need for cranes and transportation; thereby reducing on-site costs. The formlining can be changed easily and quickly with no need for special tools or skills. All component parts are 100% recyclable with the materials able to be milled to produce new panels and component parts.

Longer life lining

The formwork lining can be used up to 100 times and is easily replaced

Ease of use

PERI has designed DUO to be simple to use and intuitive as possible

Maximised durability and manoeuvrability

DUO’s lightweight design makes it easy to handle on site.

For all information please visit the DUO website:

Technical Details

  • Comprises just three components – the formwork lining, panel and coupler
  • Maximum component weight of 25kg
  • Allows construction programmes to begin on site even before crane pads and other infrastructure has been installed
  • Minimal use of tools helps worksites meet specific noise restrictions
  • Manufactured using 100% raw materials, with no waste generated
  • Corrosion-resistant materials which are not impacted by moisture from concrete