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PERI ACS (Automatic Climbing System), deployed with RCS (Rail Climbing System) with VARIO. Shows the very high concrete finish below climbing systems on the North Core.
Formwork Technology
An overview of the formwork solutions we offer, with links to all the relevant products for each solution.

Overview of PERI Formwork Technology

Formwork systems can be classified according to a number of different aspects. One example is the classification according to essential technical design aspects. For example, Panel Formwork means firmly welded frames including formlining and girder formwork, where system elements can be assembled by using formwork girders.

Formwork types can also be classified according to their application (eg: wall, slab, column), building structure (eg: tunnel, bridge) or the material used (eg: plastic, aluminum).

Below are basic overviews of the different solutions classified by application, along with links to the relevant PERI products for each.

Wall Formwork

Wall formwork was originally made from squared timber and boards. This evolved into modular-type systems, which are characterised by manifold utilisation options and long service lives.

Their technical design specialty is the circumferential frame of the formwork, which protects the edges of the formlining. This is currently the most commonly used type of formwork, with a market share of more than two thirds.

Girder formwork types are the most versatile formwork elements in terms of design. Their supporting structure consists of wooden or metal girders which are held by steel walers.

Curved walls can principally be manufactured by polygonal approximations to the desired geometry. Continuous bending radii of 1 meter to about 20 meters are possible.

Slab Formwork

Slab formwork mainly consists of a horizontal support structure which holds the formlining and transfers the forces into a load-bearing scaffold.

Column Formwork

Column formwork is used for the concreting of columns (round and square shapes). The formwork has to be designed to withstand a relatively high fresh concrete pressure, because the pouring takes places quickly for a rather small cross-section.

PERI’s product portfolio offers solutions and systems in the areas of foundation formwork, climbing formwork, tunnel formwork, bridge formwork, aluminum formwork, plastic formwork, special and freeform formwork, lightweight formwork, formwork girders, plywood and formwork panels and formwork solutions for fairfaced concrete of different classes.

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