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A step forward for PERI in Civil Engineering construction

Apr 1, 2019

Bridge and tunnel formwork for all requirements

Formwork and Scaffolding provider, PERI, has announced the latest advancements to its Civil Engineering solution, VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit, which will be exhibited at bauma this year. The developments are a direct response to changes in the market, offering customers a wider range of applications in bridge and tunnel construction. Visitors attending the PERI exhibition tent during bauma 2019, will be able to explore the company’s innovations in both bridge and tunnel construction.

The development programme involves reducing the number of different system components for various applications, as well as eliminating special components as much as possible. The innovative product range is complemented by the company’s commitment to providing the highest level of support to customers.


VARIOKIT in bridge construction – more versatile and cost-effective than ever before

The lightweight VGK Cantilevered Parapet Bracket has enjoyed great success in the market over the years. As working platforms and formwork units are constructed separately, the platforms are always closed, providing protection from leading edges. Different work processes such as refurbishment and concreting can therefore be carried out very safely, making the VGK particularly well suited for restoration work.

At bauma, PERI will be presenting a developed version of the fastening solution for the bracket, which extends its application. Furthermore, a new system configuration for low clearance heights is also being exhibited.

PERI now also offers a completely new system solution for the incremental launching method used in bridge construction, which is being introduced to the market under the name VAR (VARIOKIT Incremental Launching). The rentable system is beneficial as it reduces the amount of material required. Moreover, it accelerates and simplifies work processes on construction sites.


Getting ahead quickly in tunnel construction – using modular construction or steel formwork carriage

In the past three years, PERI has also been working on a new generation of the VARIOKIT Tunnel Formwork Carriage. Today, the Engineering Construction Kit offers economical and flexible solutions for the cut-and-cover method as well as mining construction techniques. PERI’s civil engineering exhibit will include optimised solutions for the configuration and operation of the formwork carriage.


Integrated systems for smoother construction

Bridge and tunnel construction is complex and requires a high standard of planning and project management to get the desired results. With more than 2,000 engineers worldwide and a diverse product portfolio in the formwork and scaffolding application areas, PERI provides its customers with a comprehensive range of solutions for any type of civil engineering project.

In addition to the latest developments, customers can benefit from compatible systems in PERI’s current product portfolio, especially on such complex projects.  VARIOKIT integrates easily with PERI UP modular scaffolding, helping to make the construction process smoother and more efficient.

With coordinated grid dimensions and suitable connecting components, working platforms and access means can be optimally integrated into the planning solutions.

The combination of VARIOKIT and PERI UP played a major role in the refurbishment of the Willhelms Bridge in Rotterdam. Visitors at bauma 2019 will be able to see the exhibit of this very impressive project for themselves.