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PERI on good form at Bauma

May 27, 2016

Bauma 2016

Leading suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems, PERI Ltd, has had an overwhelming response at this year’s Bauma exhibition thanks in no small part to the global launch of its DUO Lightweight Formwork system.

Competing with traditional materials, such as wood, steel and aluminium, DUO Lightweight Formwork is a fibre-reinforced plastic system that is corrosion-resistant, meaning it isn’t impacted by moisture generated from concrete.

The maximum weight of the system panels is 25kg, creating significant weight savings, which in-turn provides crane-free handling. By using a lighter formwork system, contractors can reduce the physical strain of lifting the formwork, significantly reducing the risk of accidents or injury. In addition to easier handling, the new formwork system doesn’t require a hammer, meaning it produces significantly less noise pollution than traditional systems.

The system has been designed to be flexible, allowing simple adjustment for multiple tasks, meaning walls, slabs and columns can be formed using the same panels. DUO formwork is versatile as it can be used for both vertical applications, such as walls, foundations and slabs, and also horizontal applications for slabs.

The required mechanical properties can be adjusted thanks to the fibre content in the system, while any minor damage to the formed material can be easily repaired. PERI was also able to demonstrate the benefits of the DUO formwork system at the design stage of the manufacturing process, where the physical properties can be tailored to meet the application requirements. As a result, only one connector is required for all components and the posts for external and internal corners are identical. 

Additionally, all accessories, including couplers and corner posts, have been designed for use in multiple applications, reducing the number of system components to just three on-site.

James Connell, Engineering Director at PERI Ltd, commented: “This year’s Bauma exhibition was a great success for PERI and we were delighted with the interest our latest innovations generated. The DUO formwork, which we’ll be launching in the UK later in the year, received particular interest thanks to its lightweight handling and robust, durable and sustainable technopolymer properties, all of which are 100% recyclable.”

The DUO Lightweight Formwork is set to be launched in the UK later in the year. For more information on PERI’s formwork solutions, visit