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PERI develops a smarter scaffolding solution for the industrial environment

Mar 6, 2019

The Integrated Scaffolding Programme is just one of the ways PERI is developing its scaffolding offering to contractors.


The formwork and scaffolding specialist’s latest development in this field, the Integrated Scaffolding Programme, supports the entire process, from the initial planning stage through to the final implementation of a scaffolding solution. This ensures scaffolding operations are included in the overall project planning stages.

The detailed planning process means that PERI can provide its customers with thorough cost estimates. This includes a list of material requirements and labour costs, giving contractors a clear overview of the project from the start.

During the planning stage, the programme can be integrated with the contractor’s predesigned 3D models or with 3D models designed by PERI, which are created by using digital tools to scan the environment. 3D modelling helps visualise the proposed scaffolding concept, how it interacts with the site environment and construction sequence.

Scaffolding solutions for industrial projects have different and unique design and maintenance requirements compared to applications on other construction sites. Through PERI’s Integrated Scaffolding Programme, the design of the PERI UP solution can be adapted to enhance the system’s safety features, ensure it is efficient, and reduce material storage requirements on site.

The PERI solution also includes PERI Path software, which provides accurate data on progress, helping to improve forecasts and optimise operations. In particular, the simple documentation of all target and actual deviations ensures that required corrections can be made as early as possible to avoid unneccessary costs.

The Integrated Scaffolding Programme is just one of the ways PERI is developing its scaffolding offering to contractors. PERI supports users with professional product training courses delivered by the company’s own qualified trainers and assessors. With the right training, the PERI UP scaffolding system can be used efficiently and safely right from the start of the project.

PERI will be exhibiting its scaffolding and digital offering at bauma 2019, where visitors can experience how the two solutions go hand in hand to improve performance on site.


For more information about our offering at bauma 2019, including a video about our Integrated Scaffolding Programme, click here.